Legacy Preschool programs encourage learning and growth through play in an environment designed so that children may strengthen muscles, build coordination, stretch imaginations, and have fun!! Our curriculum is broken down into thematically based literature units intertwined with God’s Word.  We provide experiences that give students the opportunity to develop confidence and to recognize their God-given abilities. Our focus is on teaching character development and helping your child meet developmental benchmarks in education. 

Letter from the Director

More and more parents just like you are searching for solid Christian education in our ever changing world.  Although you are at the very beginning of your child’s educational journey, you also realize the importance of establishing a solid foundation for your child both academically and spiritually.  My own search led me to Legacy Christian School 11 years ago. I am consistently amazed and overwhelmed by God’s goodness and incredible blessings upon my life. I would have never imagined the full impact of what He had in store for me and my family.  

My boys are now in 9th & 11th grade here at Legacy Christian School.  My background is in Elementary Education with experiences teaching in the Franklin Central schools (my hometown) and the Carmel-Clay Schools. I have also had the unique experience of teaching Preschool -2nd grade Spanish at The Orchard School in Indianapolis. After having time off to raise my young boys at home, I was ready to go back into teaching and accepted a position as a Preschool teacher at Legacy. Two years later, I became the Director and am now in my 7th year leading the Preschool.

You will find that our wonderful staff of Preschool teachers have a similar mission on their heart for Christian education and early childhood education.  You will learn that many of our teachers also have children who attend Legacy Christian School or have close connections with other families or ties to the school– that is why they are here, investing their time, energy and passions to uphold the high standards they feel called to. The teachers and I desire to partner with you to provide the best education possible for your child. 

May God Bless your journey!! 

Mrs. Susan Harper

Preschool Director

Curriculum Overview

3’s Program

The three to four year-old child blossoms and grows in our open-ended, experience oriented class. This class promotes the development of oral language, self-help skills, and turn-taking. Each day provides time for the joy of creative expression with hands-on art using many different mediums. Gross and fine motor skills which lead to emergent writing, are emphasized. This literacy-rich program builds alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. It is designed to provide children with multiple opportunities for success as they make discoveries about their world.

4’s (PreK) Program

These language-rich classes promote kindergarten readiness. Our four to five year-olds flourish with a hands-on curriculum set up to emphasize emergent literacy and writing, alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. Each day provides time for the joy of creative expression using art activities which utilize many different media and jointly encourage the development of gross and fine motor muscles. The children will be introduced to a variety of emergent literacy, writing, alphabet recognition, and phonemic awareness activities.

5+ (Transitional Kindergarten)

This class is designed for the older preschooler (5 years old), who is developmentally ready to experience more direct instruction. This class also emphasizes emergent literacy, writing, alphabet recognition, and phonemic awareness through activities that involve the whole child. Basic math concepts and number recognition are taught with a hands-on approach. Children have many opportunities to experiment, predict, and problem solve. The open-ended approach, in addition to teacher direction at this age level, stimulates creativity in many ways, especially through art and science. Some special 5+ activities include classroom field trips, the Letter People curriculum, and beginning reading groups.


Susan Harper

Early Childhood Principal