Why Legacy

Why Legacy?

From one generation to the next...

The name Legacy comes from the idea that our legacy is an inheritance handed down from one generation to the next. The need to hand down an excellent education to the next generation has never been greater in America. Scholarship, character, and leadership must be nurtured among students today in order to pave the way for a successful future. Grounding students in a Christian worldview prepares them to become future godly leaders in our cities, our nation, and our world; in business, in politics, and in homes across America. The integration of faith and academics enables students to become a continual source of positive influence for Jesus Christ as they mature toward adulthood.

Faithful & Flourishing Graduates

The portrait of our students is seen through our 4 guiding principles.


Above all else, we hope that our students will grow in their affection and faithfulness to Christ.


In partnership with parents, we strive to ensure the education at school goes hand in hand with what students are learning at home.


From in the classroom to our extracurriculars, we encourage students to do all things to their absolute best as they serving the Lord.


We foster a spirit of servant-heartedness as students learn to put others before themselves.

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