Enrollment & Tuition

At Legacy Christian School we aren’t just integrating Christ into our school work, we are illuminating the reality that He is in every aspect of the educational experience. 

We offer several financial aid resources for you and your student.

K-12: 2021-2022 Tuition

Grade Level

Annual Tuition

Monthly (12 months)




Elementary School (1-5)



Middle School (6-8)



High School (9-12)



Textbook and curriculum costs are included with tuition.


Application Fee: $50 per student

Enrollment Fee: $75 per family

Technology Fee: $75 per student

Tuition Payment Options

Option 1: Single Annual Payment – 3% discount

Option 2: Semi-Annual Payments – 1.5% discount

Option 3: 12 Monthly Payments – June through May

Monthly tuition payments are due on the 1st or the 15th of each month.  A $25 NSF fee will be charged if a check is returned.

The first tuition payment for returning families is due in June. The withdrawal policy starts June 1st.

LCS reserves the right to withhold report cards/transcripts and deny online access to grades until past due accounts are paid in full. All accounts must be current for re-enrollment to be accepted for the following school year.


  • Multi-Student Discount:  For families with more than one student in LCS, $300 will be deducted from the tuition of each subsequent child who enrolls in LCS.  For families with at least one child in LCS, a $100 discount will be given for each child enrolled in Legacy Christian Preschool.
  • Pre-Payment Discounts: Families who pay their entire annual tuition balance by August 1st, will receive a 3.0% tuition discount. Families who pay semi-annual tuition balance by August 1st and January 1st, will receive a 1.5% tuition discount.

Withdrawal Policy

It is assumed that a student is enrolled for the entire year, and budgets are set accordingly.  The hiring of teachers and staff and ordering of textbooks are based upon anticipated enrollment.

An official Withdrawal Request form must be completed for students who withdraw.  Upon the request, the student is to return all of his/her textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms, and/or any equipment.  Failure to return textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms, and/or any equipment may delay the process.

    • Due to extra administrative costs, a $125 withdrawal fee per student will be charged to the family’s account when withdrawn.
    • Tuition is charged for the entire quarter in which a student is withdrawn.  LCS does not give partial quarter refunds.
    • If a student is withdrawn during the school year, the family is responsible for the entire tuition balance that has accrued from June 1st to the end of the quarter in which the withdrawal takes place.
    • Tuition refunds will be given only after satisfying any financial obligation.
    • If you are on a voucher, no refund can be given until LCS receives the state funds.

Scholarships and Aid

Indiana Choice Scholarship (Voucher Program)
The Choice Scholarship Program provides State funding to qualifying students that is used to help offset tuition. It is income based and requires families to be on a pathway, To see if you qualify, visit www.in.gov/doe/students/indiana-choice-scholarship-program/.

SGO Scholarships
A SGO is a nonprofit organization that receives funding from donors, allowing them to provide scholarships to eligible students. It is income based and given on a first come, first server basis. To see if you qualify, visit scholarshipsforeducationchoice.com/students-families



** We do not participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program and we do not provide transportation for students